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Human Growth & Development

The links provided are for the core curriculum resources used for Human Growth and Development. All supplemental materials are listed on the Pacing Guides and are used to support teachers when teaching lessons. Any questions for 5th and 6th grades can be directed to Ms. Boyer, our school nurse.

FAQ HGD (Spanish)
Parent Reference Links

Grade 5
Pacing Guide
Pacing Guide (Spanish)
Permission Form

Grade 6
Pacing Guide
Pacing Guide (Spanish)
Permission Form

18-19 Testing Schedule

Fall MAP: September 4-28

·      Science: September 4-7

·      Math: September 10-13

·      ELA: September 17-21

·      Make ups September 24-28


Winter MAP: January 7-Febrary 1

·      Science January 7-11

·      Math: January 14-18

·      ELA: January 22-25

·      Make ups January 28-Feb 1




ELPA21 February 4-March 15


NSCAS Summative March 18-April 19

·      Science: March 25-29

·      Math: April 1-5

·      Make ups for Science and Math: April 8-10

·      ELA: April 15-19

·      Make ups for ELA: April 22-26


Spring MAP: April 22-May 17

·      Science: April 22-26

·      Math: April 29-May 3

·      ELA: May 6-10