5th Grade Band Information

This page contains information on what 5th grade students should be practicing as well as links to all of the written work for 5th grade band. The purpose in providing these links is for students to access assignments in case they are absent, lose their original copy, or need to redo an assignment. Note that assignments are listed in the order they have been assigned. Also note that most written assignments are INSTRUMENT SPECIFIC- this means that after you click on the link for the assignment you are looking for, you need to scroll through the PDF file to find the page that is for your instrument! Please contact Mr. Cosby or Mr. Myre with any questions about the written assignments for 5th grade band.

5th Grade Band Practice Assignment

WELCOME TO BAND AT BUFFETT!! We are excited to have you involved in the band program... it will be a great experience! 

The first week or so of band class will consist of assigning instruments to all students. Please understand that this is a tedious and sometimes frustrating process- with almost 70 students enrolled in band and only 30 minutes to see them each day it really does take us about a week or so to accurately assess which instrument students will be the most successful playing. 

We appreciate your patience as we work through this process with your students. An instrument recommendation letter will be sent home with your student after the first week of school- this will tell you what instrument you should go find for your student! 

If you have any questions about band feel free to contact us any time.

Tom Cosby (thomas.cosby@ops.org)                         John Myre (john.myre@ops.org)

Links to Written Work

 Title Description
Introduction to the Music StaffDownloadStudents do NOT turn this page in- we simply work through this during class.
Clef Sign AssignmentDownloadDue by Monday August 19th.
Lines/Spaces on Staff LessonDownloadCOMING SOON- This does NOT need to be turned in- we will complete in class. Please use this page as a reference when needed!
Clef/Lines and Spaces Review AssignmentDownloadDue by Monday, August 26th.
5th Grade Band RosterDownloadComing soon! This will be a list of who plays what instruments...
Information about Renting/Purchasing Quality Band InstrumentsDownloadThis letter gives examples of things to be aware of when looking to rent or purchase a band instrument for a beginning 5th grade student.
For Percussion Only- Beginning percussion packetDownloadThis packet will be given to all percussion students. It contains concepts, exercises and music to help learn mallet instruments as well as snare drum.

Bobcat Kung-Fu Information

 Title Description
Bobcat Kung-Fu: General InformationDownloadOutlines the purpose and design of this program.
Bobcat Kung Fu RequirementsDownloadThis document outlines the requirements for each "belt" for Bobcat Kung Fu.
WHITE BELT- Clarinet onlyDownloadWHITE BELT- Clarinet only
RED BELT- Clarinet onlyDownloadRED BELT- Clarinet only
RED BELT- Trumpet onlyDownloadRED BELT- Trumpet only
RED BELT- Trombone/Baritone onlyDownloadRED BELT- Trombone/Baritone only
RED BELT- Tuba onlyDownloadRED BELT- Tuba only
RED BELT- Percussion onlyDownloadRED BELT- Percussion only