5th Grade Band Information

Attention 5th Grade Band Students: There will be no school beginning Monday, March 16th. You are fortunate in that you have your instruments at home and can get them out and practice while away from school! We suggest setting aside 20 minutes each day to focus on practicing your instrument. We have designed several activities via Flipgrid to help facilitate this practice:

You may be wondering: "What should a typical practice session look like?" We encourage you to look in the box below this announcement for a step-by-step guide to help you structure your practice time at home.

We fully understand that you may be stuck at home without a lot to do or places to go at this time... in addition to the Flipgrid activities listed above, we have designed a series of online activities for students to learn musical skills that will help them when playing their instruments. Please visit the 5th Grade Online Challenge page to learn about these online activities.

In addition to the Flipgrid and Online Challenges described above, Mr. Cosby will be available each day between the hours of 8:00 am and noon to answer any questions you may have about these activities or any other aspect of practicing your instrument at home. A short 10-minute Facetime or TEAMS session can be arranged to help clarify any issues you may be having, whether they be technical computer issues or issues with playing your instrument. Please email Mr. Cosby at thomas.cosby@ops.org to arrange a time for a Facetime or TEAMS session and he will communicate directly with you to arrange this.

5th Grade Band Practice Assignment

Practice Assignment- Last Updated on Sunday, 3-15.

For Percussion, Woodwinds & Brass- ALWAYS use a metronome when practicing!

  1. DAILY MAINTENANCE: Breathing Exercises, Sizzle Exercises, Mouthpiece/Headjoint Practice (see First Lessons handout) -2 minutes 
  2. WARM UP: Band Warm-up Version 2.0 page, all lines; Ensemble Development book pg. 2-4, all lines;  -4 minutes
  3. REVIEW: Sound Innovations pg. 15-16, all lines. Listen to your sound... are you counting the 8th notes correctly?
  4. FOCUS: Sound Innovations pg. 17-18, all lines. What is a slur? How do you play a slur? What are dynamics? How do you play dynamics on your instrument? These songs are more difficult- if you are struggling with your notes, use your flash cards to help you! Step #1 when you practice is always POINT and TELL. Step #2 is SHOW and TELL. Step #3 is PLAY and THINK  5 minutes.
  5. SHEET MUSIC: March of the Champions- are you playing what is on your page all the time?
  6. WRITTEN WORK: there are numerous online theory "challenges" that we think you will find fun and will help you get faster and note naming and interval identification. Please visit the 5th Grade Online Challenge page for more information about these activities.
  7. FLIPGRID ACTIVITIES: instructions for these activities are listed in the box at the top of this page...  
  8. CHALLENGE: Are you getting bored in band? No worries- there are plenty of challenging things to work on! For example, where are you at for Bobcat Kung Fu... have you earned your white belt? If so, how about your red belt? How about your yellow belt? CLICK HERE for more information about Bobcat Kung Fu. If you are ready to "test" for your next belt, please record yourself playing the appropriate material and submit the recording using Flipgrid- we will listen to your recording and let you know if you need to play something differently or if you have earned your next Bobcat Kung Fu belt!
  9. SOLOS/SMALL ENSEMBLES? Are you participating in the solo/small ensemble festival in April? Everyone that has expressed an interest has received a solo or small ensemble. Individual Lessons will be given to students who will be performing a solo or small ensemble- CLICK HERE to see the weekly lesson schedule. If you are practicing at home on your solo or small ensemble and want some feedback from a band teacher, please recording yourself playing your music and submit the recording using Flipgrid- we will listen and let you know suggestions for improvement!
  10. Clean instrument and put SAFELY away -1 minute. 

TOTAL PRACTICE TIME = 15-20 minutes.

Happy Practicing!

 Tom Cosby (thomas.cosby@ops.org)    John Myre (john.myre@ops.org)

Helpful Links

 Title Description
March of the ChampionsDownloadBeginning to measure 19 only; tempo = 92.
March of the ChampionsDownloadMeasures 19 to the end only.
March of the Champions- allDownloadAll of March of the Champions.
Solo/Small Ensemble Lesson ScheduleDownloadThis document outlines when students will have individual lessons for their solos and small ensembles.
Level 2 Sound RhythmsDownloadLevel 2 Sound Rhythms page is due on Monday, Feb. 3rd.
Music History Lesson #1- Baroque PeriodDownloadMusic History Lesson #1- Baroque Period. This is the first formative written grade for 3rd quarter- due by Friday, 1-10.
2nd Quarter Written Review AssessmentDownloadThis formative review assessment was given to students on Thursday, Dec. 19th and was due on Friday, Dec. 20th. This will be the 1st written grade for 3rd quarter.
Beginning Percussion PacketDownloadThis packet is for all beginning percussion students and will be used throughout the year in 5th grade band.
Information about Renting/Purchasing an InstrumentDownloadThis information can be helpful for parents looking to rent or purchase an instrument for their band student.