5th Grade Band Information

5th Grade Band Practice Assignment

Welcome back from Winter Break! We hope your 2020 is off to a great start... 5th grade band students have the opportunity to attend the Omaha Symphony's Concerts for Youth program on Wednesday, January 22nd. Please fill out the permission slip that was sent home with your child on Tuesday, January 7th. Students can not participate in this field trip without having returned a signed permission slip. CLICK HERE to download the permission slip. 

Also, band buddies will resume this week... please check the schedule on the band office window for students' assigned day for band buddies.

Practice Assignment- Last Updated on Friday, 1-17 (SNOW DAY!)

For Percussion, Woodwinds & Brass- ALWAYS use a metronome when practicing!

  1. DAILY MAINTENANCE: Breathing Exercises, Sizzle Exercises, Mouthpiece/Headjoint Practice (see First Lessons handout) -2 minutes 
  2. WARM UP: Band Warm-up page, all lines  -4 minutes
  3. REVIEW: Sound Innovations pg. 11-12, all lines. Listen to your sound... are you matching pitch? Are you keeping a steady tempo?
  4. FOCUS: Sound Innovations pg. 13, all lines. Make sure you understand and can play the new note (#41). These songs are more difficult- if you are struggling with your notes, use your flash cards to help you! Step #1 when you practice is always POINT and TELL. Step #2 is SHOW and TELL. Step #3 is PLAY and THINK  5 minutes.
  5. SHEET MUSIC: No sheet music to practice at this time.
  6. WRITTEN WORK: Make sure you have completed and turned in your 2nd Quarter Written Review Assessment and your Music History Lesson #1. These assessments were assigned before Winter Break. These two grades will be your first written grades for 3rd quarter!
  7. For your 2nd VPL of 3rd Quarter please record yourself playing Part A or B (your choice) of line #5 or #6 in your Sound Innovations Ensemble Development book. Percussion- it is up to you to play bells or snare drum for this VPL. Submit your VPL using Flipgrid (www.flipgrid.com) Then enter your class code- CLICK HERE if you have forgotten your class code. CLICK HERE if you need specific directions on how to complete this VPL. Due to the holiday on Monday this VPL is due by midnight on Tuesday, January 21st.
  8. Clean instrument and put SAFELY away -1 minute. 

TOTAL PRACTICE TIME = 15-20 minutes.

Happy Practicing!

 Tom Cosby (thomas.cosby@ops.org)    John Myre (john.myre@ops.org)

Links to Written Work

 Title Description
2nd Quarter Written Review AssessmentDownloadThis formative review assessment was given to students on Thursday, Dec. 19th and was due on Friday, Dec. 20th. This will be the 1st written grade for 3rd quarter.
Beginning Percussion PacketDownloadThis packet is for all beginning percussion students and will be used throughout the year in 5th grade band.
Information about Renting/Purchasing an InstrumentDownloadThis information can be helpful for parents looking to rent or purchase an instrument for their band student.