Buffett Music Department Staff

Ms. Taylor Arvie - 5th & 6th Grade Chorus; 7th & 8th Grade General Music. taylor.arvie@ops.org  

Ms. Holly Baddley - 5th-8th Grade General Music. elizabeth.baddley@ops.org 

Mr. Tom Cosby - 5th & 6th Grade Band. thomas.cosby@ops.org                 Phone: 402-659-2618

Mrs. Jennifer Craven - 5th & 6th General Music; 7th & 8th Grade Chorus. jennifer.craven@ops.org   Phone: 531-299-7585

Mr. Tom Miller - 5th-8th Grade Orchestra. thomas.miller@ops.org   Phone: 531-299-7538  

Mr. John Myre - 5th-8th Grade Band; Jazz Band. john.myre@ops.org   Phone: 531-299-7535

Music Student Expectations

​As a reminder, all music students are to have their Buffett Agenda (planner) with them and a pencil/pen ready to use in each class. This is a school-wide expectation! All instrumental students are expected to have their instruments at school on a daily basis. Lastly, the expectation is that all music students are respectful of other students and teachers as well as all music facilities, equipment and instruments. 

Welcome to Buffett's Music Department!

Thank you for visiting the Buffett Music Department webpage!

We are so glad you are visiting our webpage to learn more about the Buffett Music Department! Learning to sing or play an instrument is a rewarding experience that often times becomes a meaningful hobby or even a career as students get older. Teachers in the Buffett Music Department strive to include all students who want to participate in music-- and there are so many music options to choose from! Whether a student likes to sing, likes to play a string instrument or likes to play a band instrument, there is a music course for everyone that will not only teach students to be skilled musicians but also provide the background necessary for students to become educated life-long music makers and consumers. 

The calendar below is an important area to check for parents of music students. All performance dates are listed on this calendar- please check back often as performances may be added throughout the school year. Music teachers at Buffett are always willing to answer any questions you may have about the music program- please check the Music Department Staff tab to the left to contact a music teacher directly. 


Upcoming Music Department Events

Buffett Music Department Performance Schedule

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Online Resources

Here are some different websites students can use to practice their music skills or just have fun exploring:

Interested in joining band at Buffett? Use this link to find out about your band instrument options, request more information about band lessons and to sign up to join band as a 5th grader at Buffett. https://tinyurl.com/bufbandsignup 

Smartmusic is an interactive music practice software that tells students if they are playing correctly or not as they practice at home. The download is free, but it does cost to have a subscription- exact costs can be found at the website below.

The Rhythm Trainer is a free, Flash-based program for learning and practicing rhythm. 

SFS Kids is a very animated and fun website introducing kids to the orchestra but also has sections on theory basics and composers.

New York Philharmonic Kidzone is has great graphics and fun games, especially for instrumental students.

Teoria is a website that offers a wide variety of activities and information about music theory. Appropriate for beginning through advanced musicians.

Music Theory.Net includes quality theory tutorials as well as interactive identification and ear training drills that focus on note reading, key signatures, intervals and triads.

FREE Online Metronome! Use this metronome to keep yourself steady when practicing your breathing, sizzles, mouthpieces/headjoints and anything else on your instrument!