Bobcat Kung-Fu is a fun way for band students at Buffett Magnet MS to improve their skills on their instruments! When studying the martial arts, individuals must progress through certain skills. The same is true of musicians on their instruments. Achieving higher levels of skill leads to mastery on the instrument and a feeling of accomplishment and success. New martial arts students first gain their white belt, but they understand that this is only the beginning of their work toward mastery. We challenge all Buffett Magnet MS band students to achieve the discipline of learning skills to become more accomplished musicians. The goal is for band students to continually strive to learn new skills on their instruments and become Black Belt Kung-Fu Masters!


 Title Description
Bobcat Kung-Fu: General InformationDownloadThis document outlines the purpose and design of this program.
Bobcat Kung-Fu: Level RequirementsDownloadThis document outlines the requirements to earn each belt.
RED BELT- clarinet onlyDownloadRED BELT- clarinet only
RED BELT- percussion onlyDownloadRED BELT- percussion only
RED BELT- trombone/baritone onlyDownloadRED BELT- trombone/baritone only
RED BELT- trumpet onlyDownloadRED BELT- trumpet only
RED BELT- tuba onlyDownloadRED BELT- tuba only
WHITE BELT- clarinet onlyDownloadWHITE BELT- clarinet only