5th Grade Band Information

For Band Students- This week in band class we focused on Page 12 and 13 in our books. We worked more on the White Belt scale. We also discussed the Baroque Era of Music- there is a Nearpod for you to complete that shows your understanding of this era of music. Look below this announcement for a link to that Nearpod and more information on what you should be practicing at home to complete you VPL and be prepared for band class next week.


For Parents/Guardians- Information was sent home home with your student about our Beginning Band Solo/Small Ensemble Festival. This unique learning opportunity seems like a long ways away, but we need to start preparing now. Please fill out the 2nd page of the pink form and have your student return it as soon as possible is you have not already done so. We will be assigning music for students who want to play a solo starting next week. Your student also learned about Bobcat Kung-Fu last week- expect to hear lots of practicing as we get started with the 3rd quarter! As always, thank you for supporting your band student!

Mr. Cosby = thomas.cosby@ops.org  OR 402-659-2618. 

Mr. Myre = john.myre@ops.org OR 531-299-7535.


Below is information about the homework each band student should complete this coming weekend. This entire practice routine should only take about 15-20 minutes- please find the time each day to work through the steps below to get better at your instrument:


Practice Assignment- Last Updated on Thursday, January 20th.

For Percussion, Woodwinds & Brass!

  1. DO THESE ITEMS AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR PRACTICE: Breathing Exercises, Sizzle Exercises- see First Lessons handout. -2 minutes 
  2. WARM UP: Mouthpiece/Headjoint practice- see First Lessons handout. Then, Line #1, #2 and start practicing Line #4 on the NEW Band Warm-up Ver 2.0 Page- see handout. -5 minutes
  3. REVIEW: For WWs & Brass = Sound Innovations book, page 111 & 12- all lines. -4-5 minutes.
  4. FOCUS- SOUND INNOVATIONS: Sound Innovations book, page 13- all lines. -5-7 minutes.
  5.  VIDEO PRACTICE LOG #3 (VPL #3):  You have one of two choices for VPL #3: Choice #1: Please record yourself performing your best on #45 on page 13 in your Sound Innovations book.  Choice #2: Please record yourself performing your best on #46 on page 13 in your Sound Innovations book. Percussion student can either play bells OR snare drum for this VPL- your choice. VPL #3 is due by the end of the day on Sunday, January 23rd. As always, there is a 5 day grace period for each VPL- if you can not complete VPL #3 over the weekend, please make sure to do so by Friday, January 28th. All grades for VPL #3 will be final after Friday, January 28th.
    1. Practice with your FLASH CARDS at home for just a couple of minutes each day. These will really help improve your note reading!  
    2. Complete the Nearpod that shows your understanding of the Baroque Era of Music. Type this code into Nearpod to complete the assessment: D5YH7. Also, here is a link to the Baroque Era of Music Review Page: LINK TO REVIEW PAGE. Lastly, here is the link to the original Sway that we used to introduce the Baroque Era to you in class: LINK TO SWAY Completing this Nearpod is a formative assessment grade- please work to complete the Nearpod before your first band class next week (week of January 24th-28th).
  7. BOBCAT KUNG-FU: Start working on your WHITE BELT requirements: 1. Bb concert scale on page 43, #188 for all instruments except clarinets. Clarinets have a separate scale/arpeggio page that can be found at the very bottom of the Bobcat Kung-Fu webpage- click here for the clarinet only white belt scale and arpeggio. 
  8. Take instrument apart, clean the instrument (for woodwinds)/empty water from instrument (for brass) and put SAFELY away in case -1 minute. 

TOTAL PRACTICE TIME = 15-20 minutes.

Happy Practicing!

 Tom Cosby (thomas.cosby@ops.org)    John Myre (john.myre@ops.org)


 Title Description
Beginning Band Solo/Small Ensemble Information SheetDownloadThis letter explains everything you need to know about the Solo/Small Ensemble Festival that is scheduled for April 9th, 2022.
Concert Performance RubricDownloadUse this concert performance rubric to complete your Winter Concert Reflection Assignment!!
Winter Concert Reminder LetterDownloadThis letter was sent home with students on November 17 or 18th. It should be signed by a parent/guardian and returned so we know that this communication made it home to an adult!
Winter Concert Reflection AssignmentDownloadThis reflection assignment is due on Monday, 12-13 for B day students and Wednesday, 12-15 for A day students.
Thanksgiving Week Band Homework AssignmentDownloadPlease complete this assignment at some point over Thanksgiving break. An ADULT must fill out the 2 questions of each of your songs and sign it in order to receive full credit for this assignment. It is due the first band class after Thanksgiving break.
Band Warm-up PageDownloadStarting this week (week of September 20th), we will be playing at least part of this page every single day in band class! Make sure to use the page for YOUR INSTRUMENT ONLY!
Beginning Percussion PacketDownloadThis packet is for all beginning percussion students and will be used throughout the year in 5th grade band.
Mr. Cosby's Rules for CountingDownloadThis page gives all the rules for counting that you need to know for the beginning of 5th grade band.
Mr. Cosby's Scary Song- PART 1DownloadBacking Track for Mr. Cosby's Scary Song- Part 1 (measures 1-8)
Mr. Cosby's Scary Song- PART 2DownloadBacking Track for Mr. Cosby's Scary Song- Part 2 (measures 9-16)
Mr. Cosby's Scary Song- PART 3DownloadBacking Track for Mr. Cosby's Scary Song- Part 3 (measures 19-end)
Note Reading Lesson 1DownloadNote Reading Lesson 1 goes over the very basics of how music is written on the staff.
Note Reading Lesson 2DownloadThis lesson talks about LINES and SPACES on the staff for both treble and bass clef instruments.
Note Reading Lesson 3DownloadThis lesson teaches you about STEMS, FLATS/SHARPS and LEDGER LINES. NOTE: make sure to look at the page for YOUR INSTRUMENT ONLY!
Note Reading Review Lesson 4.1DownloadThis is a review lesson about basic note reading concepts we have learned so far in band this year.
For Parents/Guardians: How to Sign up for REMINDDownloadParents/Guardians should follow the instructions on this document to sign up for REMIND. We will use REMIND to communicate with you on a weekly basis. Contact Mr. Cosby or Mr. Myre if you have questions about this!
Information about Renting/Purchasing an InstrumentDownloadThis information can be helpful for parents looking to rent or purchase an instrument for their band student.