Buffett Music Department Staff

Ms. Holly Baddley - 5th-8th Grade General Music. elizabeth.baddley@ops.org 

Mr. Tom Cosby - 5th & 6th Grade Band. thomas.cosby@ops.org        Phone: 402-659-2618

Mr. Maurice Garrett - 5th-7th Grade General Music; 5th & 6th Grade Chorus.           maurice.garrett@ops.org               Phone: 531-299-7585

Mr. Tom Miller - 5th-8th Grade Orchestra. thomas.miller@ops.org   Phone: 531-299-7538  

Mrs. Taylor Morris - 7th & 8th Grade Chorus; 6th-8th Grade General Music. taylor.arvie@ops.org

Mr. John Myre - 5th-8th Grade Band; Blue and Silver Jazz Bands; PEP Band; Band Buddies; Perc Ensemble;   john.myre@ops.org           Phone: 531-299-7535

Music Student Expectations

Buffett students who are enrolled in any kind of music class are expected to bring the following to class with them each day: ipad (fully charged), ipad power cord (to charge ipad if needed), instrument (for Band & Orchestra students only), method book (for Band & Orchestra students only), sheet music (for Band, Chorus and Orchestra students only), Black 3 ring Binder and a pencil (for Band, Chorus and Orchestra students only). Please check with your music teacher for more information as they may have additional expectations on materials you must have for their specific class.  

Buffett Music Department Information