Course Options

7th Grade
One Semester

8th Grade
One Semester or
Year-Long Production


This course focuses on introducing students to the print aspect of journalism. Students will study the First Amendment, the function and role of the media in society, photojournalism, news and feature writing. The course features a hands-on laboratory in digital photography. Understanding the important role of the media, photojournalism, and news writing is the primary basis for this class.




This course continues the study of journalism begun in Middle School Journalism I.  The focus for this course will concentrate on the specific types of writing used in print journalism: news, feature, sports, entertainment, and opinion writing and the principles of design.  Students will create, design, edit, and produce a school Literary Magazine. The magazine will feature photography and writing products produced by Buffett students. Students may also submit products for the school newspaper, The Bugle.

Prerequisite: Journalism 7.




This is first and foremost a production lab for students with advanced writing, design, and photography skills. This class will be offered in two year-long sections. One section will produce The Buffett Bugle, the school newspaper. The second year-long section of the class will produce the school yearbook, The Beacon.  Students will work in maestro groups that include a photographer, designer, reporter, editor, and student maestro. Each team will be responsible for creating a section of the newspaper or yearbook.  Concomitant to the production cycle, students will study the principles of design, photojournalism, and aspects of journalistic writing not covered in Middle School Journalism I: feature, sports, opinion, and entertainment writing.

Prerequisite: Journalism 7