The School Counseling Program in the Omaha Public Schools encompasses preschool through twelfth grade. The professional school counselors at Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School support and educate students during their middle years, at grades 5, 6, 7, and 8.



O.P.S. school counselors are advocates, collaborating with students, school staff, families and community resources to empower all students to reach their highest potential.
The mission of the Omaha Public Schools strengths-based school counseling program is to support academic success and preparation for post-secondary opportunities for all students.
1. Every student will be provided the nurturing relationships and personal support needed to achieve social competence and academic success. Each professional school counselor at Buffett supports a group of students as they enter during grade 5 and  continues to be assigned to them as they proceed to the next grade level of middle school.

2. Every student will be empowered to gain the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary for lifelong academic, career, and personal success. Each professional school counselor at Buffett teaches O.P.S. counseling curriculum lessons during team classes during the months of September through March.

Counseling Department

Grade 5 - Mr. Bryce Thull

Grade 6 - Ms. Kathy Janata

Grade 7 - Ms. Lisa Bade

Grade 8 - Ms. Maraleigh Lewandowski

Counseling Curriculum Educators:
Ms. Kathy Janata - Grades 5-8 Career & College Readiness Educator
Ms. Bade & Mr. Thull - Grades 5-8 Academic & Social Skills Educators
Ms. Lewandowski - Team Leader

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