National Junior Honor Society

Mrs. Sara Gotch

Mrs. Lisa Phillips

Mrs. Meg Thompson

Mrs. Amy Tunning

Mrs. Shannon Willmott


NJHS Officers


Vice President





Meetings are held in the Library from 3:15-4:00

September 8 - October 6 - November 10 - December 1
January 12 - February 2 - March 2 - April 6 - May 11

There will be an additional meeting in May for the end of year celebration!

Upcoming Activities & Projects

Boo Gram Sales
October 16th-20th

1st semester service hours (5) will be due by the Dec. 1st meeting!


Happy Gram Sales

February 5th-9th


Boo Grams – October 

Toy Drive for Open Door Mission (Operation Santa) – December 

Valentine Grams – February 

Read Across America – March
Induction Ceremony - April

End of the school year activity – April 

Teacher Appreciation – May