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Points of Pride and Information

ESL (English as a Second Language)

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GATE (Gifted and Talented Program)

Gifted and Talented Education at Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School is committed to developing students through a curriculum framework focused on: Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Inquiry, Cultural Proficiency, Meta-cognitionand Affective Skills. 

Our program allows GATE students to: 

  • nurture their social/emotional development and enhance their curriculum experiences so these unique individuals may reach their fullest potential 
  • be stimulated with rigorous and challenging instruction 
  • be passionate about their talents 
  • feel proud of their accomplishments 
  • interact with like ability peers 

Buffett Middle School offers: 

  • Advanced Math (Grade 6) 
  • Honors Language Arts 7 
  • Honors Language Arts 8 
  • Honors Physical Science (Grade 8) 
  • Honors Pre-Algebra 1-2 
  • Honors Algebra 1-2 
  • Honors Geometry 1-2 

Placement in honors and advanced courses is determined by standardized assessments, classroom performance and other established criteria. 

For more information check out Buffett’s GATE brochure 

Special Education Program

Buffett welcomes all learners.  Supporting the needs of all students and working as a team to create a positive learning environment is our goal.  Whether students need extension activities or remedial instruction, our priority is to help each student grow.  Through co-teaching, small groups and after-school clubs and activities students’ learning needs are met in a variety of ways.  We welcome new ideas and innovate methods to continue to ensure there are high performing students and teachers in every classroom.  

  • Always focused on our academics and social skills  
  • Individualized instruction for a wide variety of students  
  • Providing accommodations and modifications to ensure success 
  • We use a curriculum that supports all types of learners with voice over reading, visuals, manipulatives and differentiated content  
  • Small group and one on one work are essential in our room  
  • Creating a safe and caring environment for all students to feel cared for and find success  
  • Use of work systems for students who require more one on one work  
  • Providing students with sensory items to stay calm and focused throughout the day