Welcome to the Music Department!

Welcome to the Buffett Music Department! Our dedicated teachers build their classrooms around the following objectives:  
1. Increase the student's aesthetic sensitivity and response through heightened awareness and understanding of the musical experience. 

2. Develop musical skills and techniques which enable students to become life long participants and consumers of music. 

3. Promote a sense of appreciation for our musical heritage. 

4. Develop respect for and an understanding of human values through the study of musical traditions of various cultures. 

5. Employ strategies that promote common goals and values through individual and group participation. 

At Buffett, we believe that music is fundamental and all students are enrolled in one of the following music classes: Band, Choir, General Music, or Strings.  Students in band, choir, and strings perform two to three concerts a year.  In addition, we offer several opportunities after school.  Students have the opportunity to be part of one of the swing choirs (Bravo, Spirit Singers, BIG), jazz band, guitar club, or chamber strings.