Welcome to the Math Department!


Math Department – Points of Pride 

  • Common summative assessments developed by the district and implemented by all teachers across the district 

  • FERMI Math Challenge – an opportunity for fifth-grade and sixth-grade students to work together on Higher Level Math Problems and compete with other students across the district  

  • Math competitions sponsored by OPS high schools throughout the year 

  • Math teachers provide opportunities for students to explore and investigate on their own.  

  • Math teachers encourage students to have a growth mindset. 

  • Math classrooms are safe environments where students feel comfortable asking questions and actively engage during each class.   

  • Math Club is offered to students in Advanced Math Classes at grade 7 and 8. 

  • Extended activities outside of the classroom and work directly with GATE for out of school math competitions 

  • Students are given opportunities to express their learning of content  in multiple ways. 

  • Students engage in blended learning to connect and learn with peers both virtually and in person. 

  • Teachers continue their professional development through various meetings, focus groups, and district provided PD.  

  • Students are encouraged to have an open mindset about math (Math Mindset).  

  • Students are taught to self-analyze strengths and areas of improvement to make math more meaningful.   

  • Students are provided with engaging activities, whether it’s creating Math content movies in Brain Pop, or enjoying interactive review games using Quizlet. Buffett teachers push variety and rigor in an online modality. 

  • Co-Taught Math classes provide interventions for students struggling with math 

  • 5th and 6th Grade students receive math instruction every day