Welcome to the Art Department!

Art Department Points of Pride: 

  • The Art department has a dynamic duo of Ms. Gotch and Ms. McClintock. They plan their curriculum together to create meaningful lessons that build upon 21st Century creative skills and national, state, and district standards each year. 

  • The Art department has a teacher that actively worked to create the adopted Visual Arts standards for the state of Nebraska. 

  • Buffett has been honored to have student work selected for the Scholastic Art Awards. 

  • Buffett regularly partners with the Jewish Community Center for the Holocaust Memory Project. 

  • Buffett has students enter the Audubon Society Art Show annually. 

  • Ms. Gotch and Ms. McClintock regularly create their own personal work, so they understand the significance of displaying student work at Omaha businesses and galleries. They advocate for their students’ work to be seen in the metro community. 

  • We proudly create collaborative installations that involve students and the community. 

  • We understand that art is so much more than making something look pretty, and we actively work to engage our students in seeing the creative aspects of careers and the need for creativity to be successful learners navigating the 21st century. 

  • We encourage our students to build empathy for the experiences and perspectives of all people with a curriculum that is inclusive and reflects the contributions of artists from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. 

  • We proudly share our art adventures on our own website and Twitter! Check them out at www.buffettbobcatart.weebly.com or follow our Twitter handles: @artsymcclintock @GotchArt