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Bobcat Families,

Now that we are almost two weeks into our five day in-person instruction at Buffett, I am asking for your assistance. In the last few days, our school buses have been unable to get through traffic on Larimore and our students have been crossing the street with an abundance of cars along that same street. Safety is always our highest priority at Buffett and I want every student to be able to safely get to their ride when the school day is finished. I also want students to be able to find their rides quickly and efficiently. With the help of our School Resource Officer, building security, and supervisors, we think there is a solution. 

  • Request #1: Please consider using the parking lot at Flatland church to wait for your student rather than along Larimore Avenue to allow our buses to get to the building as they drive along Larimore Avenue. 
  • Request #2: Please consider parking at least six to eight feet away from all corners to help students safely cross streets.
  • Request #3: Please ask your student to always use a cross walk when crossing the street rather than going between cars. 

Below is a map illustrating the best scenario for dismissal parking and traffic. Please keep cars in the green areas on the map, and keep alert at the crosswalks shown in yellow. If we all work together, we our students will exit quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely when the bell rings at 3:05 PM. Thank you for making dismissal better at Buffett. 

Mr. CK, principal

Snow Days are Changing in OPS

Winter weather is fast approaching. We know this year has presented challenges unlike any other, so it is especially important to maintain student engagement even if winter weather gets in the way of learning at school. Thanks to our 1 to 1 Technology Initiative, we now have the opportunity to support students with teaching and learning at home.

"Live," or synchronous teaching and learning will take place in the morning, with teacher availability for questions or additional support in the early afternoon with Office Hours from 1-2pm. Teachers will take attendance.

Here's the adjusted bell schedule for snow days:

1/2 Block: 8:40-9:10

3/4 Block: 9:15-9:45

5/6 Block: 9:50-10:20

7/8 Block: 10:25-10:55

Office Hours: 1-2pm




Buffett has changed the traffic arrival pattern. The changes are based on the recommendations of the City of Omaha Traffic Division, Omaha Public School's Risk Management Departments, and parent input.

Parents/Guardian Letter - click here to view.

A few things to remember about dropping off your student:

 Students should ALWAYS exit the vehicle from the passenger/curb side. This is the best way to ensure the safety of your student.

 When your student is safely on the sidewalk, please slowly leave the drop-off area. A backlog of cars develops when parents wait until their student enters the building. Please leave drop-off area and move into a parking space if you choose to watch your student enter the building.

 Please do not park or leave your vehicle standing in the drop-off area as it creates a backlog of cars that need to move past the front of the building. If you need to come into the building, even for a few minutes, please pull your car into a parking space.

 Please consider carpooling, avoiding congestion between 7:30 AM and 7:40 AM, and using an alternate drop off location, such as Flatland Church, Larimore Avenue or 140th Street.

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8th Grade Ads

Send your student off to high school with a heartfelt message!  Purchase an 8th Grade Ad for the 2015-2016 yearbook today.  Ads include a picture of your choice and message. 

Page  - $25 ;  ¼ Page - $50 ;  ½ Page - $100 ;  Full Page - $200. 
Digital photos only, please. 

Email questions and submissions to Jaime Christensen at jaime.christensen@ops.org

Checks can be dropped off in the front office, attention Jaime Christensen.

Checks, photos, and messages are due to Ms. Christensen by February 29th.




Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School has a unique facility that supports a distinctive communication and electronic media focus. Academic excellence is emphasized and supported by every member of the outstanding staff. Unique curriculum offerings are available in digital media, journalism, television broadcasting, iDesign and speech.



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